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Long Sigh…

It’s my favorite scene in the entire movie:
It’s heart wrenching really. After all these years she finally realizes she really loves him. At one time he wanted to marry her but she was too stubborn to accept. A few months ago he told her he had finally found another and was about to be married. A few days ago she heard he had fallen ill with scarlet fever and was about to die. A few minutes ago she walked into his room and saw him lying lifeless in his bed. Now she sits by his side and tells him of her faith for his recovery. She tries to keep from weeping but precious tears stream down her cheeks, partly because she fears for his life, and partly because she knows she can’t ever have him. With the little breath he has he speaks of how there will be no wedding. She thinks he says this because he knows he’s dying so she tries to quiet him. But his ice-cold hands reach out for hers and he says softly, “No. I called off the wedding. It wouldn’t be fair to her…there will never be anyone in the world for me but you”.
How wonderfully romantic!

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