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Little reminders of Brooke

Look what I found today!

I couldn’t believe it, I was looking for something in my book bag and I found these in the pocket. Go Brooke’s Mom! They aren’t even opened. Man, what a trip huh. If you guys could be praying for me that would be really great. I’m really praying about whether or not to commit to a summer team this year. I wanted to do full-time (really badly!) but I just don’t have the funds for that.
Anyway, that’s what’s going on. I hope this finds you well and the gum brings sweet memories.

Love you!
The Gretch


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Not talkin’ about one, not talkin’ about two, talkin’ about 3…

I’ve got the Real Thang, I’ve got the real Thang…Woah, woah, woah, woah.

Oh my gosh!
The Real Thing just came on my itunes. I forgot that was our show stopper in Singapore. We rocked that thing let me tell ya! It was totally 80’s Christian Rock but hey, everyone loved it. And havin’ a white rapper was a treat fo’ sho’.
We even had our little sychronized kick. Oh man, we were stinkin’ AWESOME!
I can’t believe we sang that song!

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Stinkin’ Whores

Yes, the title has the word “Whore” in it…You’ll find out why in a minute:

So I’ve been trying this new thing where I don’t wear make up, and you know what…It’s just not working out as well as I would like. I go through these seasons where I rebel against make up because I feel like I’m pretending to be prettier than I actually am. And you know what, it makes me really angry. I think I’m more angry over the fact that people pay so much attention to outer beauty. What’s the stinkin’ deal with that anyway? Women are self-conscious enough as it is without this expectation for them to “have their face on” all the time. In general I don’t wear all that much make up to begin with (just a little eye shadow and mascara) but on the occasion that I don’t wear any at all I get comments like, “Are you ok? You look a little tired today” or “Are you sick, you look pale?” WHAT IS THAT??? Probably the time when I was most offended was when I heard a male pastor talk about women and make up. He was trying to be nice I know but he said, “this is how I look at it: If the barn needs painting, paint it”. I was like, “Ok, I’m not a freakin’ BARN thank you very much!”
You know what I really want to do…I really want to find those stinkin’ whores who started the whole make up trend and slap them in the face.

* I do literally mean whores because I believe that’s why women started wearing make up in the first place, I’m not just using whore as a general term. And, in reality I probably wouldn’t slap them in the face I’d just…I don’t know what I’d do, just humor me Ok.

I think the hardest thing for women is knowing that men are so visual. Why did the Lord make them like that? I wish I could just be naturally pretty and that my husband would look at me with joy whether or not I had a stitch of make up on.
No….You know what: I AM naturally pretty. I am beautiful. And all those ladies out there reading this (if there are any) you are beautiful too. The Lord created us and there is no flaw in us. Alleluia! If you want to wear make up…Wear make up, and if you don’t want to wear make up, Don’t! Whatever you do, stand confident in the Lord because the word says this:

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies…She is clothed with strength and dignity…She speaks with wisdom…Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised” (Proverbs 31, NIV).

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