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I used to be a Genius

I was cleaning out my storage stuff the other day, and I found a newspaper article about me from when I was 4 years old. It had this weird effect on me when I read it.*
The story was about a Christmas party that the hospital had put on for kids who had to be there during the holiday. They talked about how the kids didn’t even understand what their illnesses were about but that they understood the suffering. It talks about how, for one moment, we all forgot about our difficulties because a clown had come in and showed us some magic tricks and given us gifts. Beside the article are two pictures of me (one with the clown and one by myself) and I am simply elated. I mean, the joy on my face is contagious… and it’s only a picture!

In reading that article the Lord showed me a few things:

1: We should fight for our child-like faith and our candid joy. Those things are precious and can be replaced by no thing.

2: Just because we “grow up” (which we should do; we need to mature in the Lord definitely) doesn’t mean that we will lack excitement, pleasure, zeal or purpose in life. All of that increases as we go deeper with the Lord. There is no end to Him! He is the everlasting God! Creator of all things! We will never get bored in Him! Amen!

3: The patients and the clown are a picture of Christ and his beloved. We, as His created, (the patients) know suffering, though never to the extent of the cross, we go through things we don’t understand or comprehend; we find ourselves weak and helpless. But then…in comes Christ, (the clown) and all of our sufferings are forgotten in light of Him. He shows us His mercy, His forgiveness, His faithfulness, His sovereignty, His Holiness (the “tricks” if you will). Everything else becomes dull next to his glory, and we stand in Awe. We are elated.

*You can read the article for yourself if you want. Go here:

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