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So I went down to Gridley California and surprised Paul and his CTI team. Actually, I got a surprise too because Chris Reed happened to be there. I was so excited! I even got a little private concert…Ok so it was just a sound check…but it was awesome.

Just for proof for all y’all at CTI headquarters, I posted pictures to show that your team actually works when they are supposed to!

Chris made sure everyone treated the equipment properly…
And I made sure…they didn’t con me into doing any work for them.

It was great to get to visit with Paul for a while. We reminisced over all our Singapore memories and talked about how wonderful the Lord is. Man, I am so grateful for friends like Paul and for all the amazing things the Lord has done in my life, and for all the people He has blessed me with. I can’t understand Him sometimes. I just…He does so many things that I don’t understand. And sometimes life is really hard and really confusing….but it all comes down to One thing: He is Good! And I trust His hand.


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