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Mexico Madness

For all of you who do not live in close enough proximity for me to sit down and show you photos from Mexico, (like my parents for instance who aren’t even in the same state)go to this site to view many, many awesome pictures:


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Flight Fiasco

This is my journaling process from MSP to SFO:

Wow, today has not turned out the way I expected at all. I left CTI headquarters at 7:30 this morning and drove to the airport with my awesome friend Paul. The plan was to head off to Philadelphia and see Christine Shin (from my Australia tour) get married. I haven’t seen her in 3 years so I was very excited about all this. But I get to the airport and the flight to Philadelphia has been cancelled and many of the others have been pushed back. So the chances that I would be able to get into PA today were slim to none. Thus, I opted to fly to San Francisco and go home two days early. I started to get excited about that because I’m a bit tired from this past 2 months. Anyway, I had to make a million phone calls from the airport to make sure that I could in fact get picked up and go home if I went back to San Fran. As soon as I got it all worked out, the flight got delayed an hour and a half. Dangit! INLH! Fortunately I would still get into SFO by 9pm because I had a 3 hour lay over in between Minneapolis and San Francisco. However…at the moment I am sitting in MILWUAKEE because our plane had to circle around Chicago for 55 minutes due to a tornado warning, and now we are out of fuel. So we’re sitting here and the captain makes the mistake of allowing people to get off at this airport if they want to drive to Chicago, but the airport will only let one person off at a time and each one has to be driven to the terminal which is like forever a way. The last thing I heard overhead was that we would be sitting here for at least another hour until Chicago has room for us to land. Needless to say, I don’t think I’m going to make my flight to San Francisco, but we will see. I do happen to serve a great God and He has done unheard of things before…now would be a good time for Him to do some of those unheard of things again.
My only consolation right now, as I sit here in this wretched plane, is the sweet sounds of Nathan Walker coming through my ipod and the memories of a month well spent in Guadalajara Mexico.

48 hours later:
So I finally made it home. As it turned out I had to stay the night in Milwaukee so that I could catch a flight the next morning at 5:40. Yeah, so I get up in the morning to leave and there’s a message on my cell phone telling me that that flight has been cancelled as well but that they had booked me on another flight at 6:00am. So I headed to the airport to try and get things straightened out. I arrived at the counter only to find that the 6:00 flight had been cancelled. OH MY GOSH! I ended up getting booked on a flight with another airline at 7:45 in the morning. Not surprisingly, that flight was delayed almost an hour. Thankfully, I made it to San Francisco yesterday at about noon and arrived safely home in Humboldt by 8pm. Wow, probably the longest day(s) I have had in a very long time. I think it safe to say that I will not be flying anywhere in the near future. I’ll just drive if I want to go somewhere.

Big thanks for everyone who was praying for me and talking to me on the phone while I was waiting around doing nothing all those hours. I love you!

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