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The Gretch-Mobile’s First Snow!

Well, it took a few days, but you’ll all be happy to know that I made it half-way to my final destination. I am now safely in Paradise Montana where I will be spending Christmas with my mom and sisters.

And, I’m glad to report, that my car (aka “The Gretch-Mobile”) did quite well.
Many thanks to John, Eric and Mark for all their hard work and donation to keep my car safe.

Oh, and a special thanks to my most favorite uncles for the GPS; I think I would have gotten lost a million times if I had not had the trusty GPS with me.

I’ll update again when I reach Willmar, Minnesota.
Until then: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Love you all!

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Donations Welcome!

If you would like to support my ministry partnership with CTI Music Ministries, you can now do it online. Just go to; click on the “donate” link; and choose whether you would like to make a one time donation or beome a world partner (and give monthly support). Make sure that if you are making a donation on my behalf that you put my name on the “Staff or Team Member” line.

Thanks for checking out my blog(s). And thanks for taking interest in my life.


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I’m tired of titles

I went down to Roseville for a doctor’s appointment last weekend. I was able to stay with my aunt and uncle and visit with family before I leave for Minnesota. It’s always stressful for me to go down there because I’m from Podunkville, so I’m not into big city. I hate driving in that traffic! And you know what else…materialism runs rampant down there (well, maybe it’s just more noticeable). Anyway, that’s not the point of my story. Here’s the point:

It’s Christmas time, so everyone’s houses looked very nice. And we’re talking about huge houses here. I mean, I’m driving through a neighborhood where players from the Sacramento Kings live okay! Now, every once in a (great) while, I get in one of those moods when I feel like everyone’s life is better than mine. I see all these wonderful houses and new cars and fancy clothes, and it makes me feel like I’m a loser. But this particular night, driving around the land of the rich, I noticed that while these houses are beautiful and all…they are all empty. It’s like these people have all this money and all this stuff, but they have nothing of worth, and no time with their loved ones because they are too busy making that money.

What’s the point in THAT?!

Suddenly I’m completely satisfied with my extremely simplistic life.

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