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Sunsets and Personalities

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Willmar right now; it’s 5:30…and the sunset is frikin’ amazing. Seriously: the bottom half of the sky is orange and the top half is fuchsia and purple. Craziness! How does the Lord come up with this stuff? It’s different all the time! How many sunsets can you make?!
Ok, so here’s my latest epiphany (I say latest because there are many!): I think it’s possible to be a realist and an idealist at the same time…and I think that’s how I became a melancholy-pessimist.

Chew on that one for a while and I’ll write my reasoning later.


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It’s not cold at all…

It’s Freezing!
Oh my gosh, everything everyone told me was completely true:
*I’ve never experienced cold like this in my life
*It’s different than Humboldt County Cold b/c it’s dry here
*Though it’s cold, it’s beautiful
*I’m seeing the reality of people going stir crazy around here.

So here’s my plan: I work a lot. For right now it should be okay. I really like the job that I’m doing, I really like everyone I work with, and I really have a heart for this ministry. Plus I have nothing else to do so why not work?

Now, I realize that the novelty of working is going to wear off rather quickly; so I have a back up plan: I’m going to audition for My Fair Lady at the community theater. I have been saying for a long time that I wanted to get back into plays and such…well, here’s my chance. That will take up some time for a few weeks. And right about the time I will start to prefer boredom to chaos, the play will be over. Meanwhile, Dave sent one of his guitars with me so I plan on learning how to play that at least a little.
And soon it will be warming up a tad and I can think of something else to do…outside hopefully.

But for now…I’m hanging out in my flippin’ sweet house/office, and I’m quite content.


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The snow suits me…but not the Chai

I took a walk tonight, along the snow-powdered streets of downtown Willmar; and I loved it! The flakes falling in my hair, and a warm cup of Chai (which Wasn’t from Starbucks!) in my hands. It was like I’ve always imagined it: from the lights and wreaths on the light posts, down to my shoes sinking into the layer of snow beneath my feet. Just like the movies! Only…I was alone… and there was no music playing in the background… and no really hot guy there to wipe the snow from my face and tell me I looked beautiful in the moonlight. But other than that it was EXACTLY like the movies!

*note: before anyone who has ever lived in Willmar says anything…no the picture was not taken in Willmar; it’s actually a picture of my mothers porch in Montana. I didn’t have my camera on me while I was having my Movie Moment! Give me a break!


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Just call me Gretch the Wretch

Now that my dad is gone, I find myself stepping into this extremely protective role over my sisters (even more so than I was before). Point and case: Emma is quite beautiful these days and she is also stinkin’ amazing, so it’s not surprising that many guys are falling for her in the high school relm. Usually I’m not concerned about this type of thing because I know crushes blow over quickly at that age, but when I went to see my family in Montana for Christmas, I heard some very disturbing news. Apparently one of the guys at Emma’s school started telling his little buddies that he was going to be the first one to “Hook up” with her (only he didn’t say “hook up”, he said “tap that”, which makes me even more angry). Emma told me she has told him to stop trying to call her and message her or whatever…but he won’t stop. So I felt the need to intervene…and I did.

I called him, and he didn’t answer…so I left a message. And in the nices tone that I could use, while still being firm, I told him who I was and that I wanted him to stop calling her; stop emailing her; stop trying to get with her. Sure enough, the next day he calls Emma again. She told me to take care of it…so I did. I called him again. This time, he thought I was Emma calling so he answered. This was the conversation that followed (it’s not even that bad, but I still like recalling it):

“Tyyyyler. Hi, This is Gretchen, Emma’s sister”.

“Oh, hey”.

“So, did you get the message I left last night?”

“Uh, no I didn’t” (surely he did because he called Emma back saying “I noticed you called”).

“Ok, well, let me give it to you again. I do not want you calling my sister. I don’t want you texting her, or messaging her, or emailing her. She DOESN’T WANT to talk to you. Okay!?”

“Ahh.alright then…click”.

Problem Solved. He hasn’t talked to her since. He did however, try to tell everyone at school that I called and cussed him out and was a real B!tc#. Not true.

I feel good about this holiday season. It’s the season for doing good for others right…I did my part.

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