Yeah, it’s quite cold!

20 Feb

So…it was Negative 23 this morning!

What was I thinking leaving California?

I know people are waiting for a new post…I promise I’ll write when something exciting happens. Any moment I know it.

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One response to “Yeah, it’s quite cold!

  1. mcmuffie

    February 21, 2008 at 1:26 am

    Yikes! Cold like that I personally have never experienced. Perhaps one of the reasons you left California was to do just that….experience the intensely cold winters of the Northern states. Why not? I mean, what other reason could it be??? Seriously, I do miss you. I was sitting on the big bench in my backyard today and I said to Seth, “Gretchen used to stop by on days like this and sit with us out here in the sun… but now she is in Minnesota in the snow.” And Seth said, “Why?” I shall let him see your photos of the snow (which are beautiful, btw)and let him answer that for himself.


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