This is Springtime!

02 Jun

I debated whether or not to post this blog…because I want people to have the chance to read the previous 2…but I’ve been chastised for not posting frequently enough so I thought I’d better do it!

I always told myself I’d never live in Minnesota…and yet here I am. I guess when the Lord calls you somewhere, you can’t really run away. Well, you could but you’d end up in the belly of a whale, only to be spit up again…and headed to the place you were called to in the first place šŸ™‚
I’ve been here for 6 months now…turns out I really like it. I spent all of Sunday at a lake cabin with the two Full-time teams and the Williams’ family.

Michelle and I rocked the socks off the Kayaks! We’re the bomb…that’s all I have to say!

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One response to “This is Springtime!

  1. Tj & Mark

    June 6, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Your hair is so cute and it looks like fun on the lake.


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