The Beauty of Biking

12 Jun

I’m actually in California right now….but before I blog about my time here…I’ve been meaning to blog about my bike ride the other day. I have been riding as often as the weather will permit in Willmar, Minnesota. My favorite ride has become riding around past the fairgrounds and across the road to Robin’s Island.

It’s quite a nice trail through most of it…and it’s flat so it’s very conducive to my biking ability at the moment.

The only thing I worry about every time I take this rout is…whether or not I’m going to be attacked by killer Geese. Ok, so maybe they aren’t killer, but they probably peck someone to death. Seriously, I was riding along…minding my own business…and I had to ride right through several families of Canadian Geese and their Gosling. I was thinking, “Oh how cute! I want to stop and take a picture”. But no! I got a few shots but then the geese started hissing at me (They are NOT cute when they are hissing!)I know they were protecting their little gosling…but Oh My Gosh, I was seriously frightened. They were chasing me!

I guess it’s amusing…AFTER the fact!

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One response to “The Beauty of Biking

  1. Tj & Mark

    June 13, 2008 at 4:57 am

    How funny.


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