Abstract Art

04 Aug

I know that God makes everyone his own special masterpiece and every individual is a beautiful piece of artwork…but in all honesty…sometimes I feel like while everyone around me is undeniably beautiful, I’m more of…an abstract pice of art. And I’m not talking about modern art…I’m talking about the good ‘ol stuff; like Picasso or somethin’. Now, I swear I’m not fishing for a compliment here, I’m just having a moment where I’m going to let you in on some of my personal reflection time. But seriously, I’m 25 years old, it’s time I come to grips with the way the Lord made me. I’m not one of those women that you look at and immediately say to yourself, “wow, she’s really beautiful; stunning even!” NO, I’m like that painting in your house that you didn’t really ask for and you didn’t necessarily like it when you got it, but someone made it for you so you put it up…and now it’s grown on you and YOU think it’s beautiful, but everyone else walks by it without ever noticing it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I think I”m ugly or anything like that (I happen to think there is beauty to be found in everyone). I’m just pointing out (mainly to myself) that my beauty is such that has to be sought out. You can’t just walk by a Picasso painting and later say, “Oh man that was amazing!” No, you have to stop and look at it with some intention of finding something in it. You might not necessarily know what you’re looking for, but having an open mind is the key. Otherwise you will take a quick glance out of the corner of your eye as you head toward Vangogh’s Starry Night, and remember it as “that weird one that didn’t make any sense”. 

Bottom line: it takes a very open-minded, artistically creative person to appreciate  my beauty.

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One response to “Abstract Art

  1. Vickie

    August 7, 2008 at 2:12 am

    I happen to appreciate abstract art and have always thought you to be a beautiful young lady, in spirit as well as physical. God made you to be the caring, sweet hmm most times, always sarcastic person whom I love like my own daughter!


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