Broken Trees and Jumping Fish

04 Aug


Sunrise at the Lake Cabin

Sunrise at the Lake Cabin

You know that saying, “Red skies at night, sailor’s delight, Red skies in the morning sailor’s warning”. Boy they weren’t kidding! This morning I had a rude awakening at 5:30 by a huge roaring of thunder, as my head rolled over the pillow to look out the window all I could see was pitch red. Seriously I thought the Lord was coming back or something. Though I was still half asleep, I stumbled out of bed, found my camera and headed to the deck. There was definitely a storm coming and it was a little frightening. i stayed on the porch long enough to capture the view on camera and then I bolted inside to find my shoes so I could quickly drag the kayak up from the lake before it got struck by lightening or something. Then I tried to go back to bed but every time I’d start to doze off I’d hear half a tree slam against the window or a patio chair being thrown across the porch.
It was like that for a few hours. I finally decided to go lay on the couch…if I couldn’t sleep at least I could watch all the action, although it was dark enough that it was hard to see anything.


But right now, as I sit looking out at the calm lake, watching fish jump high out of its waters, I’m thinking, “did that just happen?” I just cannot believe their was a storm only…like an hour ago.

Sometimes I feel like that about my life. I’ll be in the middle of this huge storm, scrambling around trying to ensure nothing gets touched, then watching the storm continue on knowing there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. And then when it’s all over, I look back and think, “OMG! It’s really over! I just survived that. I thought I was a goner”.

I know it’s a chliche thing to say but it’s true so I’m gonna say it anyway. After the storm comes, the Lord comes and restores everything. Sure maybe trees are broken and chairs are pushed around a bit and weird things show up on the shore…but eventually, you step outside and breathe the fresh air, and it never felt so good before. And you feel somehow stronger because you survived something difficult. And you know that when everything grows back and restoration has come…it will be even more beautiful than before the storm.

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One response to “Broken Trees and Jumping Fish

  1. Tj

    August 8, 2008 at 5:40 am

    I love it. The new blog, this photo, your writing, your beauty, YOU. Blessings, Tj


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