Being a "Missionary"

07 Aug

Don’t ask me why, but I have had this post in my drafts since February, and just haven’t posted it. I think I was going to find a good picture to post with it. Now that I’ve done that, I figured I should publish it:


The people you'll meet

The people you'll meet

One of the guitarists that I’m working with here at CTI sent me an email today. He is applying for a team and he wanted to know a few things. He asked me what my experience has been with CTI Music Ministries; what I have learned or seen the Lord do. Many of you have heard my tales of adventure, none-the-less; I’m posting my reply because it’s a good recap for those who have not heard such tales.


Beware…it’s quite long.

It’s taking me a really long time to reply to your email because I’m having trouble figuring out what I want to say w/o writing a novel.

Whenever I used to think of missionaries I would think of hundreds of people coming to the Lord; people being healed by the dozens, and witnessing miracles left and right. Then I started going on “missions” myself, and I saw the Lord work in ways that were far, far removed from my expectations. I saw all of those things but they were on much simpler, more meaningful levels than I had pictured in my head.

When I went to Australia with CTI I had the honor of being an encourager to a mother of 3 young children, while I watched the Lord restore her broken marriage. It was there that the Lord also spoke to me about my health; how His stripes have healed my Spirit, His power is made perfect in my weakness; and that He defines me and not my disease.

In Singapore, with another CTI team, I saw the Lord use our spoken testimonies to draw people into a renewed relationship with Him. I believe He also used our team to spur an entire culture toward loving each other and knowing that we will never walk in perfection; only grace.

In Guadalajara, Mexico, I was taught the importance of the “little moments”; those moments where you don’t know you’re doing anything spectacular. You’re simply playing cards with kids, doing dishes for a family; making bracelets for cancer patients; or eating a pepper that is way, WAY too hot just so someone can laugh. Those are the moments when people can really see your heart. And if your heart is in pursuit of the Lord, they will recognize that and want it for themselves.

In all of my experiences with CTI I have been challenged to trust the Lord for finances, good health, safe travel, team unity. I have been stretched in patience, physical endurance, selflessness. Again and again, the Lord confirms that He is faithful, rich in mercy, everything I need, and He’s proven that His thoughts are way higher than mine; His love is deeper than mine; and everything that He does is for my greatest good and His highest glory.

So yeah, that’s my short answer to your question. Trust me; it seems long now but it really would be a novel if I were to go into all that I have experienced through CTI.

I hope that was encouraging and not boring.


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