Night at the Cabooze

10 Aug


Have you ever had one of those really disappointing moments where you meet someone who you have always thought to be really cool….and they totally dash all your fantasies about them and disappoint every expectation? 

I’m sorry if you have ever dealt with that…this is NOT one of those stories.


Let me back up all the way to February of this year, when I tried to buy tickets to see Joshua Radin on the Hotel Cafe Tour. One day there were plenty of tickets, and the next day (literally) they were all gone by the time I figured out I could get time off and go to Chicago. Then I found tickets online which were being resold…for an absurd amount of money…but I decided they were worth it so I bought one. And I had all these big plans that somehow fell through. I ended up giving my ticket away and someone else got to enjoy all the fun I should have been having. 


So this time, I was smarter and bought the tickets at a very reasonable price LONG before they were ever sold out. Needless to say, I needed this concert to be spectacular so that it could redeem the experience I never had. 


Kristal and I decided to get to the cities early so that we could check out parking and all that. The good thing about that idea was that we got a parking spot on the curb right outside the club. AWESOME! The bad part was that we had to stand there in the scorching sun for 2.5 hours, listening to girls around us saying stupid things like, “Oh my gosh, one time, I totally met Joshua’s manager and he said that I should come find him after this show so that I could meet Josh!” or “Yeah, we totally got to meet Joshua last concert we were at…and, well…he put us on the VIP list..he’s SO cool!” And while we were close to the first people in line, we had to stand by and watch a dozen people proceed past us for a special “Meet ‘n Greet” time before the show. I couldn’t figure out how we did not get on this list! I mean, seriously….who else could Joshua possibly want to Greet other than Kristal (with a ‘K’) and Gretchen? But I kept my composure as I tried to comfort Kristal, “It’s ok….the Lord surely has something better for us than a meet and greet right!?” I don’t think she bought it but she humored me anyway. 

As it turned out…my lame attempt at optimism was wisdom in all it’s glory!

We found a spot on a couple of bar stools and waited for the show to start….both secretly hoping we would catch a glimpse of Joshua roaming around the club. Being her bubbly self, Kirstal turned to the couple sitting next to us and started chatting away. Boy am I glad she did! As luck would have it, the couple had known Joshua from somewhere, through someone…and were quite certain that if we waited around after the show they could talk to him and we would be able to meet him. 

To be honest I thought, “yeah right! Who does this guy think he is? Joshua Radin isn’t going to want to meet 2 random ladies when he just had to meet a bunch of them and will probably have to shoo them away after the show. No way!” 

About halfway through the 2nd act, my wildest dreams came true….Randy (the husband-half of our new friends) came up to me, “Do you guys want to meet Joshua?” “UH YEAH!” I responded. “Ok, let me go talk to him really quick and make sure that’s ok”. As Randy walked away to supposedly talk to my future husband (Just kidding about that future husband part 😉 ) Kristal and I looked at each other like, Is this for real?!” Oh but it was real indeed!

Randy came back and repeated his original question, “Did you guys want to meet Josh?” “Now?!” I said, hopping off my bar-stool and trying to focus. We followed Randy back to the corner of the club where Joshua was just chillin’ out against the pool table, watching the show just like anybody else. 

If I can be completely honest here…I would have to admit that I did not expect him to be very good looking. I mean, I LOVE his music…I love it…it makes me happy and dream of the day when someone will write songs like that for me, (don’t crush my dreams here people…just go with it ok) but I never really paid much attention to whether or not he was an “attractive guy”. Let me just say right now….Holy Heck! Joshua Radin is VERY good looking! Ok, but aside from that, he was very laid back and didn’t seem to mind that we were totally interrupting his enjoyment of his own concert. He joked around with us a little bit, told Trista (sorry, I mean Kristal) that he liked her hat, and told me that I had a very creative idea for taking pictures. 

I have met other musicians before, and sometimes they act like they are doing you the biggest favor known to man by signing something for you, or that you are the most painful thorn in their flesh by talking to them because all they want to do is get on stage, play their music, and go home. And really, they have all rights to feel that way. Still, even if Joshua Radin had felt that way, he did not give off that impression. He acted as though he genuinely appreciated the fact that we enjoy his music, and that we would spend our time and money to see him perform. 

And by that I was very impressed.


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3 responses to “Night at the Cabooze

  1. Mischie

    August 11, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    WOOOoooo Hooooooo…..I still stoked about what you girls did for me 🙂

    Thank you 🙂 You make me laugh, yes, he is beautiful ! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    August 11, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    You got mad at me for seeing a movie?! You get to go see all sorts of awesome concerts….so =P. I’m glad you had a good time.
    I miss you! love ya

  3. lucasharger

    August 13, 2008 at 2:32 am

    yeah…group pics are lame…but you did good with that one…

    and i cant BELIEVE he remembers me…WHAAAAAAT!


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