Very Strange!

13 Aug

A while back I got THE strangest phone call I think I will ever have in my life. Here’s how the conversation went:


“Hi, is this Gretchen?”

“Yes it is”

“Hi, I don’t know if you remember me but this is Stephanie from Town School…we went to grade school together”. 

“Oh…yeah, yeah, I remember you! How’s it goin’?” *Meanwhile, I’m thinking, what in the world? why is this girl calling me, and how did she get my number?

“Well, I was just calling because I was thinking about how you were supposed to die when you were 12 or something….so I just wanted to see if you were still alive”. 

“Uhh (sigh)…yep, I’m still alive!” *I didn’t even know people knew that in 6th grade

“Okay, well, that’s all I wanted to know. Glad you’re alive. Talk to you later I guess”.

“Yeah…k…bye”. Wow

I didn’t know whether to be flattered that she had thought of me after all this time…or to feel really stupid because kids thought I was a freak of nature walking around living and such when I should be dead. I’ve decided to go with flattered. 


As I was thinking about this phone call, I received another phone call. It was from my sister Marissa. Now, I haven’t talked to my sister for quite some time. To be honest the sisters were having a rough patch there for a while and we weren’t really talking to each other. Not happy about that but; it’s how it goes sometimes. Anyway, I see her calling on my cell phone and I seriously debate whether or not to answer. My thinking pattern was, Why is she calling? Last time she called me randomly she wanted to ask for money. I don’t have any money to give her. She’s gonna tell me some big long sob story about how she needs help and then I’ll end up giving her the money I don’t have…Fine, I’ll pick up.

What she called for completely caught me off guard. She said, “I just wanted to call and ask you some questions” *Here it comes. I thought.

But apparently, it was nothing that I would have expected in a million years. She had just picked up the Bible and started reading the book of Revelation, and she had some pretty loaded questions, that unfortunately I was unequipped to answer (although I was surprised she asked me). Now, one of the things I had been worrying about over Marissa was the fact that she had seemingly turned her back toward God (at least Jesus being God and Him being the ONLY way). She was into all this new age-pick and choose your own truth-religion.

Anyway, she’s talking to me about how she just read the whole book of Revelation and all this stuff it made her realize. In all honesty, it was hard to understand some of what she was talking about because she was so excited she wasn’t making a lot of sense. BUT, what I did hear her say was that she knows that the God of the Bible is really God. And He is the only God. I was shocked. I was glad she was on the phone and not across the table from me, less she see my tears. 

And the other thing she said was, “Gretchen, I just want you to know that…I have ALWAYS looked up to you…if there’s one thing you have shown me through your life it’s that…God is real“. 

In that moment, I was broken. The thought that immediately entered my head was, “If she only knew the conversation that went on in my head before I answered your call”. But the other thing that occurred to me in that moment…and the reason for which I’m writing about it now…is that God Hears me when I cry out to Him!

Despite our differences, I can’t tell you how often I have gone to the Lord on behalf of my sister. And it’s not that I think I’m better than her and I want her to be like me…NO! It’s because I see the choices that she’s made…and I see how they hurt her, and I see how unhappy she was…and I don’t want that for her. 

To know that perhaps she has finally come to the end of herself and can see nothing but God in all His glory…is incredible, and so humbling all at once. 

Praise the Lord for noticeably answered prayers.


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2 responses to “Very Strange!

  1. Rachel

    August 13, 2008 at 5:07 pm


    All I can say is reading about Marissa made me cry! That’s awesome. I’ll be praying. It is amazing how God does hear our cries and when we actually see proof of it! I love you!
    Also…very strange about the girl from random is that. Maybe you should call her back and just say the same thing back to her!

  2. Tj

    August 15, 2008 at 4:38 am



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