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Let the Countdown Begin…

Our Welcome

Our Welcome from Fox Lake Host home.

Where oh where should I begin? I just got off the road from my first official state-side tour with CTI as Team 14:22. I have to admit…it was amazing. It was tiring because we were constantly on the move and always in a different bed but definitely worth every minute.

I’m trying to think of a “favorite” moment to share with you, but I can honestly say that I can’t pin-point one. Was it hanging out with college students at Oak Hills in Bemidji, MN; playing Red Rover with the kids at¬† Valley Christian School; or maybe having a girls-day-out with a host mom on the road…or how about delivering the “sermon” with Carl at Lincoln EV Free church in Cushing, MN? I loved them all.

Though tour was great, it’s nice to be back in Willmar for a while and have a couple days of down-time before heading off to the Philippines. Yep, that’s right….in case you have not heard….we are going to the PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!! We leave in exactly one week. I’m super excited ūüôā I think this is going to be a really great opportunity for our team to draw even closer together and become more unified and perhaps see an overall theme that the Lord has for us this year. We will be going to several different islands in the Philippines, working with a missionary couple over there with different worship teams and a radio station. (If you would like to know more about this ministry keep on checking out the CTI website

So…that’s my update. Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers and support; know that I think of you often and continuously thank my God for you! Please continue to pray for our health and growth and unity as a team. And pray for the ministry in the Philippines, not only what CTI will be doing there, but more of what will go on after we leave. We are fully aware that CTI is only a tool which other ministries use in order to carry out the vision the Lord has given them for their country. We are so honored for to be part of that vision. Pray that we would live a life worthy of the callings we have received.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit (phil. 4)

Until next time. ~G.

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The real “Ball ‘n Chain”


So yeah…the guys are holding us captive out here on the road.¬†


At first it was fun…

Run for it Ladies!

Run for it Ladies!


now we’re not so sure.

Yu Dead!

Yu Dead!


And….Carl still doesn’t know the meaning of “No!”


Please Gretch!

Please Gretch!

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CTI 14:22

Make sure you visit the CTI site if you have not already…

Miss you guys!

Love you!

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I saw this couple in church yesterday that made the melancholy in me (which is like 90% of me) hit its peak. 




After the children left for sunday school (or children’s church whichever you want to call it) the little wife scooted closer to her¬†husband and looked at him with the most adoring face I think I’ve ever seen….but he was completely non-responsive. At first I thought, “oh, that sucks, he didn’t even notice…he’ll notice later”. But a few moments later she moved even closer to him and locked her arm in his. Again he sat motionless; face fixed forward. Finally, the little wife moved in as close to her husband as she possibly could, with one hand clutching his arm and the other rubbing it. She just looked at him waiting for him to acknowledge her advances and at least smile. But alas….there was no reply. So the little wife unlocked her arm, put her hands on her own lap and¬†slowly¬†inched away to her desolate spot on the pew. As a look of devastation swept across her face, she turned to face the front of the church and didn’t make another gesture toward her husband the rest of the service.


The whole time this was happening I wanted to go to the husband and slap him across the face. Don’t you realize what’s going on here man!? Your beautiful wife is sitting there begging¬†for your attention and ¬†you can’t even smile at her.¬†

It was quite possibly the saddest thing I’ve seen in all my 25 years.¬†

Admittedly, I do not know what happened before or after the service. All I know is….if that’s what I have to look forward to….maybe I don’t want to get married at all.

I have spent half…no, more than half…of my life being rejected by people who were supposed to stand by me. I definitely don’t want to continue in that.


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