Commanding God

21 Dec

Stupid me…I sent out another update without really proofreading it. 

I did proof it, I guess I just didn’t do a good enough job. 

In my update I shared a story about how the Lord showed his strength in my weakness during our time in the Philippines. My original letter says, “…I would cry out to God, I can’t do this! I can hardly breathe without you, let alone sing! And then suddenly…”

Ok, but in the printed letter, something happened and it cut out a whole section of sentence. So now it says, “I would cry out to God, Sing!…and then suddenly” 

I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. It sounds like I was commanding God to sing! I just noticed it today because my letter was sitting on someone’s table and I was reading it for kicks. 

For the record, I would never command God. Who am I to do such a thing? So please forgive me if you have gotten my letter and are confused by that. 

That is all.

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Posted by on December 21, 2008 in Updates on The Gretch


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