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Trampoline Time

If you haven’t already, please check out our recent blog post on the CTI website. It includes a pretty sweet video that I helped create. I took all the pictures so I’m pretty proud of it. Plus it’s just fun and we like fun.

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Hope and Homeless


God is working in this city

So we were supposed to play at another mission place today. I think it was the sister project of Gospel Union Mission from last night. But we got there and the first thing they said to us was, “Oh…you’re here! You must not have gotten the email”. We didn’t really know what they were talking about but apparently they cancelled on us because there was a huge influx of people and they needed time and room to accommodate them all. Fortunately for us, our contact was adamant that we play anyway, so she cleared a spot for us and we headed in with our two guitars, two microphones, two eons and a djimbe. It was the most acoustic show we have ever done, and the most unplanned….it also turned out to be one of our best.

It seems like everyone would be excited to hear a band until they realize the music is about Jesus, and then everyone would scatter. This was completely the opposite. No one was really paying attention until they realized what we were singin’ about. And then people started settling down and sitting closer and singing along. It was beautiful really. I loved it, it was more of a time of worship than anything else for me. Because we weren’t there to impress anyone. We were just there, trying to bring hope to the hopeless.

And then there was after the music. There were a few people from Gospel Union Mission who were very excited to see us again, and very eager to come talk to us after. There were two girls in particular though that will forever be etched in my mind: Barbara and April. Barbara was the first to come right up to us and tell us about her life. She looked to be in her late 50s and living a very rough life. She said that she was really glad that we were there today because she has cancer and other health issues, and having us there brought encouragement and hope. She said she wasn’t going to stay for the music until she heard us talk about Jesus, and now she’s glad she was there. Nate, Carl and I went outside with Barbara to pray with her where it wasn’t so noisy. We laid hands on her and went before the Father on her behalf. When we were finished, she prayed for us, and she thanked the Lord for us. It was definitely a humbling experience to have a homeless lady (who’s probably dying) praying for us. She then proceeded to tell us that while we were praying for her she felt warmth in our hands and that the more we prayed the warmer she felt. I can only imagine what the Lord was doing in Barbara at that moment. Praise Him for letting us be part of it.

After Barbara had gone, I met another lady (27) named April. I had noticed her during the concert, just sitting alone on the floor, singing along every once in a while. I talked to her a bit and then she asked if she could read our team some poems that she had written. “Of Course!” was my reaction. So we packed up our equipment and gathered by the van so that April could share her poems with us. They were about joy and about Truth and about calling on Jesus…and living life. She said she wanted to read them to us because she wanted to encourage us. I’m glad she did. I’m sure she’ll never know just how encouraging they were.

I just love the fact that we weren’t supposed to play there today. Oh! Did I mention the whole reason we didn’t get the email was because the lady got ONE character wrong in Nate’s email address? And actually, she was certain that she typed it in correctly. I guess the Lord had other plans. Even our contact was overjoyed that we played. She wanted us to keep going, didn’t want us to leave. It was a good day.

God is working in this city

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