It’s official!

08 Apr

GuatemalaI’m leading a team to Guatemala this Summer!
I am super excited about this. I will have the pleasure of taking a CTI team over to Guatemala and partnering with YFC-G (Youth For Christ Guatemala) during their 25th Anniversary Celebration. Their goal is to reach over 10,000 youth in the 3-4 weeks that we’re there. I will have more information for you soon, but for now, here are some specific ways that you can be praying for me and my coming team:

Health-Though I don’t like to talk/think about this a lot my health is a big concern whenever I go on these adventures, so I really do covet your prayers over that. However, please also pray for ALL of my team members, that no one would get terribly sick and we would be able to serve Christ by serving YFCG in our full strength.

People-Be praying that the Lord would send us (CTI) people for this team. We have some but not all that we need. Pray that those he calls would be quick to listen and come with high expectations to see Him move this summer.

Finances- I know it’s a touchy subject (especially now) but whether we like it or not, there is still a need. Each person is asked to raise $4,350 to go on a summer team. Aside from that, CTI has a goal to raise $14,000 in order to facilitate the ministry of the 5 teams they will be sending abroad this summer. Teams to Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Serbia.

Our hearts-my constant prayer for myself and for my team is that we would have hearts that are sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit; hearts that are prone to a servant posture. I want to bring a team to Guatemala to SERVE the ministry already happening in Guatemala. We don’t go to other countries to BRING Christ…Christ is already there. We want to become part of what HE is already doing. We want to be used by Him; and to be worthy of the calling we have received. Please join me in that way of prayer.

I pray that the Lord has changed you in the time I have been gone. In good ways of course! I hope you are nearer to Him. I hope you are more in Love with Him. I hope you are more excited about what He will do next in your lives.

Until next time my friends,

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