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Mayan Laundary Basins

My Summer

If you received my last update, you know that I had the distinct honor of leading a team of 10 musicians to serve alongside Youth For Christ in Guatemala this summer. We spent the better part of 4 weeks sharing our lives and music with schools, churches, police academies, and anyone who passed by the plazas.


I am finishing up my internship in the recruiting department, here in the CTI office. I get to review applications and auditions, as well as help young people decide whether CTI is something the Lord is calling them to be part of. In April my internship will be complete and I will look for outside employment in order to provide for my future plans.

So what IS next?

To some this will come as a surprise, others it may not, but my hope is to serve on another year-long team with CTI. This is a ministry I have fallen completely in love, with and I believe the Lord has given me passions and abilities to serve well here.  So I will do so as long as I’m called and able.

Your partnership…Has always been such a blessing to me, and I thank my God that He has given people like you to be part of this journey with me. THANK YOU. The task before me now is to raise $12,000 in the next 12 months. Basically $1,000 a month. I realize that’s an intimidating number, but it is just a number, and the Lord has done much greater things for me than provide money, so…I’m not worried 😉

For those of you who have been supporting me financially for the past 2 or 3 years, I pray that you do not feel I have taken advantage of your generosity. Please know that I completely understand if you feel called to give elsewhere, or circumstances do not allow your continued support. I trust the Lord entirely, and I encourage you, with love, to give where HE leads.

That being said, if the majority of the people who receive this letter would pledge to give $10 a month for 12 months, there should be no problem getting the funds I need.

Once again, I am always overjoyed by the fact that you are all in my life. I hope that you are doing well and that you have been growing in your faith and Love of Christ.  Be blessed my friends!

Also…don’t be surprised if you receive this exact same blog (as a letter) in the mail.

If you would like to pledge a one-time or monthly gift please go here

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