Tragedy Strikes Again

23 Jan

It’s a tragedy to see a country completely demolished by one quake of the earth. And it kills me to see hundreds of children homeless once again because orphanages have been completely wiped out.

But what’s more tragic is that it takes something like an earthquake in Haiti, or a plane crashing into the world trade center, or a Tsunami in Indonesia, in order for us to open our eyes, look in that direction, and LOVE people the way we’ve been called to love them in the first place!

Yes, it’s a testament of our capacity for love, when we rise up and do everything we can to give aid to hurting people. But just think of what this world would be like if we lived in the fullness of that capacity all the time.

Last year I had a homeless guy come up to me and give me his gloves . This guy doesn’t have a home, doesn’t know where his next meal is going to come from… he’s walking around with huge holes in his shoes, and he gives me his gloves because it’s raining outside and when we shook hands he noticed mine were cold. When I tried to give them back he said, “No no dear, you need them more than I do”. If he only knew I had 4 pairs of gloves just like them!  Maybe he was right, maybe I did need them.  Maybe I needed them so that I could see what the world is really supposed to look like.

You know why it feels so good to help someone in need? Because that’s what we were created for! You know why it feels so wonderful to love someone more than you love yourself? Because we’re doing the very thing we were created to do…love. We were never meant to live a life on the lookout for ourselves alone. We were meant to know and love God. And if we really knew God, we would know that He is LOVE. Knowing Him more would naturally make us more like Him, and being more like Him would naturally make us love more, and loving more… would make everything less tragic.

*Ending Notes: I did hear that 300 children were adopted (not fostered…adopted) out of Haiti within 2 hours of a need being made known to the state of IN. That’s awesome!

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2 responses to “Tragedy Strikes Again

  1. Lindsey Gent

    January 23, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Hmmmm…this is really good. Making me think A LOT. miss you dear friend

  2. Tj

    January 24, 2010 at 12:23 am



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