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Just Praying

It’s one thing to be saved yet still go through life just “enduring” it. I don’t know why I get to be one who sees you this way. I don’t know why I get to be one who lives this incredible life. But I would die right now if it meant those I love could live, even one week, in the joy I’ve known. I’m humbled over and over, and over and over again, because of how you love me/us. Praise you! Praise your holy name! I can’t get enough of you. I want to always want you. I want to always, always be in awe of you. I know I will.

Thank you for this disease. Thank you for how it humbles me, and shows your power and your grace and your faithfulness and your provision. You knew exactly what you were doing as you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Praise you! Thank you that you gave me a mother who loves me and would do anything to see me live. I don’t praise you enough for that, and I don’t recognize the beauty of that enough. You are so amazing. Show us your magnificence in a way you haven’t before.

Thank you that I am the one with this sickness and not my mom, not my sisters, not anyone I love. Not because they couldn’t handle it, (because I’m sure they’d handle it better than I do) but because I hate to see them suffer or fear or worry. Praise you Jesus. You make no mistakes! You are God in heaven and you do whatever pleases you! I pray that I would be pleasing to You.

Amen. Amen.


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