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Update Video

You will all be glad to know that Nolan (the bass player on my CTI team) is a whiz at videography. So I’m using his skills to grace you with the gift of an update video. I’m not in it as much as you would probably like, but that’s ok, we all know it’s not about me anyway. And this will give you a fantastic idea of what my life has been like the past few weeks (and years really). I hope you enjoy it, and I hope when you meet Nolan you will tell him what a great job he did 😉

Until next time,

The Gretch


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Tomorrow at 5:30 (Central time) my team will finally be in Willmar, and we will all be together for the very first time.

Be sure to check the blog in the next few days to welcome the 2010-2011 Full-time teams of CTI.

Wyatt, Ali, Ryan, Nolan, Kerry, Matt, and Kara, Happy Travels!

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