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It’s Only the Beginning

I was going to sit down and write a blog about the end of our first tour, you know, kind of sum up what we’ve learned as a team, or share a couple stories with you all. But I couldn’t decide what to tell you. “Do I tell them about our time at the correctional facility, or the rescue mission? Do I share with them how I’ve been encouraged in the Lord through seeing Him work in my team members, or do I share with them how we’ve seen Him use us in ways we never expected?”

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to share. Then I started thinking about all the ways I’ve seen the Lord work over the years and in my experience with CTI. That thought led to me thinking about how much I’ve changed since my time with CTI started back in 2004. It’s a beautiful and humbling thing.

I shudder to think of the person I might be, and how complacent I may have become if I never would have stepped out in faith, and started this journey with CTI in the first place. I wouldn’t know my brothers and sisters in 6 different countries. I wouldn’t know what it really means to live in community and to allow God to love me through someone else. I wouldn’t have my eyes constantly on the lookout for “how I’m being used” or “what my purpose in ministry is”. I wouldn’t have had the joys of seeing 40+ prison inmates stand to claim Christ, or watch a homeless lady dance her heart out. If I never walked into hard situations on purpose, I would never know how incredible it is when the Lord shows up to be in me everything I’m lacking. If I were never part of this ministry I may not be as in love with the Word as much as I am, I may not pray as much, I may not see Him as much, I may not want Him as much as I do today. And I certainly wouldn’t know the honor of standing beside such amazing people in ministry.

This road has been steep, but O so beautiful of a climb. I want to challenge you to evaluate where you are today. Are you in the same place you were a year ago, or have you grown? Are you the person you said you would never become, or are you allowing God to mold you into someone you always hoped to be? No matter where you are in life, it’s not too late to change the course you’re on. But for those of you who feel they are exactly where the Lord has called them, I encourage you to press on toward the goal…which is Christ!


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Another video for you

This is the first week of tour. There will be another one soon I’m sure.

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A Little Boasting

I woke up with this burning desire to tell someone how much I enjoy my team. So if you’d allow me, I’d like to take this time to do a little boasting before we head off to Duluth this morning.

Coming into this year, I was certain the thing I was going to struggle with most was feeling like I wasn’t part of the team, because I’m mainly behind the soundboard instead of behind a microphone. Not that I need to be on stage, but I want to be part of the joy that comes from pouring out your heart through music, beside 7 other people, knowing that it’s a pleasing offering to the Lord.

But of course, as with most things, what I expected isn’t even close to what actually is. My desire to be part of the music (which I am able to do, just in different capacities than I’m used to) is so pale, and almost non-existent, compared to my excitement over what I’m actually doing.  All I can think  every time I stand behind the board is, “ I can’t believe this is my team!”. I’m humbled to think that I even know them; that I get to be part of their life for a whole year, doing this thing that we all love.  In the past month, I have been nothing but impressed with them and honored to stand beside them in ministry.

I wish you could stand where I stand and see what I see, because it’s beautiful. This team blows my mind. I’m having trouble finding the words to express my joy right now. But I wish you could feel what I feel when I look up and see one of our guitarists in the back corner of the stage, singing at the top of his lungs, “Oh praise the One who paid my debt, who raised this life up from the dead”. Or when I see the shyest person on our team go and strike up a conversation with 3 teenagers after a concert. Or when a teammate leads us in a time of devotion that is exactly what we all need to hear.  I wish you could join us when we drop the prayer bomb, (our newly penned term for everyone praying at once over one person) or even to just share a meal with us, because those are always full of entertainment. I wish you could feel the love these team members have for each other, and their genuine heart to know God more.

Bottom line, I’m overwhelmed with joy over this team and what the Lord has in store for us this year, and every day I’m humbled to be part of it.

Join with us as we continue to pray:
· For our contacts: that we would be a blessing to them and their ministry as they are to us.

· For CTI 14:21: That they would be safe in their travels, and see the Lord moving in and around them more every day.

· For our partners in Taiwan and Hong Kong: That the Lord would draw people to himself through the work they are doing, and that we (CTI) would be a vessel to under gird that in the coming month.

· For the Lord to be exalted and praised in all that we do or say.


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