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The Best of 2011: Most popular post from last year

By “Most Popular,” I mean that this is the post that had the most traffic last year. If you missed it on it’s original post-date, now you can enjoy it for the first time. If you read it in May, I hope it’s equally as entertaining and encouraging this time around.

The Glory of it All

This morning I was reading my journal from last year, and I was so encouraged by what I learned. A week before I arrived back at CTI for Fulltime training, this is what I was praying…
What can I do Lord? How can i be a light? Because I don’t want to just encourage the church. I love encouraging people, and I thank you for using me in that way, but would you trust me with bringing hope too? I want more. Teach me to do this better this year Lord. I want to share hope with a broken people; people pretending to be alive but actually dead…Oh God, help me to understand how they feel, and help me to know how to respond to them and how to be bold in sharing with them the best thing there is: Christ! … O Lord, empty me. Fill me with your Spirit. You are all I want. All I am is yours.

It’s amazing reading that now because I can see so many ways the Lord has fulfilled those desires (and so many MORE) in me this past year. My prayer for myself, and every team member I’ve ever served with, is always, “Lord, don’t let me leave this place unchanged”. I’m so glad that He hears those prayers and that He delights to say yes to them. My desire for Him so much greater now than the very first day at CTI  7 years ago…even than it was at the beginning of this tour! My desire to know Him more is unquenchable. The things I want for my life no longer revolve around myself, but around His glory. The Lord has given me a heart for the lost and the broken; a burning passion to tell them how wonderful Christ is and how much He loves them.

Aside from all of that, all those wonderful things, the Lord has given me this amazing gift of incredible relationships. I’ve been trying so hard the past week or so, not to think about all that I’m going to miss out on when I’m not with this team anymore and I don’t get to see all the things the Lord is doing in their lives; how He is molding them into His own image. He has given me such and honor and joy to know each and every one of them, as well as ALL the people on my past teams.

I never would have envisioned this life for myself. And I am so glad I didn’t go my own way, because THIS is so much better.

“Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it”. Matthew 10:39

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