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10 years later

The world is mine

Last summer was my 10-year-high school-reunion. I didn’t get to go, (which I’m not all that disappointed about. I heard it was lame anyway) but it did get me thinking.  On the last day of our senior year we were instructed to write a letter to our future selves, which would be sent to us exactly ten years later. We could write about whatever we wanted: what we liked, what our plans were, what our favorite memories of high school were. My letter started like this,

Gretchen, by now you’re 28 years old. Congrats! I can’t even imagine what your life is like right now. Let me just say this, if you aren’t married with a career and family by now…you’re a total loser!


Wow! Even then I was super sarcastic and feisty. It’s funny the expectations we have when we’re teenagers. I thought the whole purpose of life was to have a career, a husband and a family. Boy am I glad the Lord had bigger plans for me than I had for myself.

I’m twenty-nine years old now and I don’t have a single thing I thought I would. And you know what…I’m glad I don’t. Not that I think those things are bad. They can be the biggest blessings and joys in a persons life. It’s just that, my ambitions were so small and selfish; my creativity so limited. I mean hello! I used to want to be famous. Yes, in the beginning of the letter I talked about a husband and family, but probably just because those things are expected out of a person.  Later on I talked about how I wanted to be like Mariah Carey or something ridiculous like that.

I’m thankful every day that the Lord didn’t give me what I wanted back then. Instead He saw a much bigger potential in me, grabbed a hold of my heart early on in my life, and steered me onto a path much more magnificent and satisfying. It’s like I’m doing all the things I was created specifically for.

I agree with my good friend Micaela. She says “potential, is something we should spend like currency”. God fills us with potential, and we were meant to spend it on worthy things, invest it, give it away for others to enjoy, and consume it all so that when we’re gone from this earth people don’t have to say, “she had so much potential”. How much more noble if they could say instead, “She sure lived up to her potential; spent everything she had”?

I want to live up to my potential. The Lord could do so much in me. He could do so many amazing things; things I never dreamed could happen. I could be part of His incredible story and live the life I was created for. Or I could set the bar super low, set my sites on the good ‘ol American Dream and let that be enough. If it’s all the same to you and my 18-year-old self, I think I’ll take my chances and spend my potential.


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Back to Basics

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I have often written about lessons I’ve learned in humility. The heart of the matter is typically that I need to become less so that He (The Lord) becomes more. I’ve talked about the fact that I need to be less worried about people remembering my name and more concerned with people knowing His. I need to be using the gifts and talents (even if they are few) that He’s given me, not for my own gain, but for His glory.

In the past couple days I’ve been thinking about how all that ties into my sudden strategies to get people to notice my writing.  I started a Facebook page, I signed up for Twitter, thought about getting an email list going…all things I vowed I would never do because, in all honesty, I’m not that big of a fan of social networking (I think it feeds into our need to be noticed, but that’s a tangent I shouldn’t get on right now).  Somehow I started to believe that those things were necessary in order for my writing to be noticed and/or meaningful. And maybe they are if being noticed and meaningful were the point…but they aren’t.

I love writing. I love the feeling of  ink rushing through a pen onto paper. I love the sound the keys make when I press them. And I LOVE talking about what God has done in my life. That’s what the point is! I shouldn’t be writing so that I can get more people to follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook. I shouldn’t be concerned with whether or not I’ll ever get published. Those things just get in the way of what I’m really passionate about. What I’m passionate about is telling the story of what I’m learning or afraid of or impressed with, in hopes something will resonate with someone else and cause them to think more deeply about their own life. And suddenly they’ll see God is doing amazing things in them also. I want people to be inspired to do something great with their life because the One who is in them in great, and because we were meant for greatness.

I don’t need a facebook page or a Twitter account to do these things. If the Lord decides to use my writing in someone else’s life, it won’t be because I advertised myself and gathered a huge following. It will simply be because He wants to.

So here’s to having a regular Facebook profile, a blog…and that’s it.

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