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How do YOU know?

Here’s how it typically goes:

  • I have a crazy idea, or desire, or stirring in my heart.
  • I say nothing to anyone because I feel foolish.
  • I can’t stop thinking about that thing.
  •  I hand it over to the Lord, ask Him to make sense out of my craziness, and bring my heart to the proper posture.
  • I wait…
  • He seems silent…
  • I think I’m starting to forget about it…
  • BAM! All the sudden everything around me starts to pull me back to that one thing. The books I’m reading, the people I’m talking to, Sunday messages. They all point to the fact that God is moving.

And that’s when I know it’s time to step out.

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Getting Out from Under the Weight

Getting Out from Under the Weight.

Nolan has been sharing some good stuff on his blog. This one is particularly encouraging today. Enjoy.

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