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Thought for the Day

ImageI might ruffle some feathers by saying this, but it’s something I was thinking about this morning as I was praying.

Why does there seem to be so little concern with God healing us of the things that will lead to our death? We don’t want Him to heal us of our selfishness, our lustfulness, our greed, our murderous hearts, our slander, our gluttony, or our idolatry, (which will all lead to our spiritual death) yet we insist He heal our bodies and our wallets.

Shall we fear the things that kill the body and have no reverence for the One who commands our eternity? (read Matt. 10:28)

Heal us from THAT O God.

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Getting to know The Gretch

For all my new friends and followers, you may like this; it’s a huge part of my testimony.

Lover of God

Let me know what you think.

Enjoy the free digital download of my very first short story.

From Romantic to Realist: The Early Days of Gretch

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