A Life of Worship

16 Mar

The thing is..I’m scared. I’m afraid I’ll lose part of myself and I’ll get sucked into a life of mediocrity.

A couple years ago one of my teams played at a Generation 4 Justice conference in the Seattle area. The main thrust of this conference was to raise awareness for human trafficking and slavery, but in the end, everything came down to living a life that is passionate. It was a challenge to rise up and to not let this life pass us by without making something of it. And by “making something of it” I do not mean, “living the American Dream”. God did not put breath in our lungs so that we could spend our days making  money, paying off debt for things we shouldn’t have purchased in the first place, blinded by our selfishness, and unaware of people around us.

This breath that is in our lungs (that He doesn’t HAVE to give us, by the way) is meant to enable a life of worship.

And so the challenge becomes, for all of us, to discern what that looks like for us, and what passions He’s placed within us to live that out. But don’t assume that the “easy” thing is the thing you’re called to. Perhaps you ARE called to stay in your city, work there with joy, raise your family to know the Lord, and be financially responsible. But maybe you’re ALSO called to use your riches to feed the hungry, tell your co-workers about the redemption found in Christ, or maybe something as bold as taking an orphan into your home. We could become a people who pour ourselves fully into serving Christ and his people… having jobs to simply facilitate that effort.

I want my life to be like this. No matter how long or short it may be.

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