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How Will They Know Unless We Tell Them?

In the past week I’ve had a  conversation with a 40 year old man who started cocaine at the age of 12, didn’t know how to read, and never went to school because of his prostitute/meth addict mother.  Another with a 30 year old woman who has been in and out of jail, got into heavy drugs WITH HER PARENTS, and has left her kids in random places for months at a time. Yet another conversation was with a 19 year old girl who cried every time she even got near a church because she felt the weight of her sins pressing down on her. She was wanting so badly to be a Christian and be “good again,” but was held captive by all the things she thought could never be forgiven.

The conversation with all of these people ended in the same way, with me saying, “You need to know that ALL of those things have already been forgiven, and the SAME amount of blood that is required to cover all your sins is required to cover all of mine”.
And that would be responded with something like this, “But what do I DO? What if tonight I acknowledge Jesus and receive him, and tomorrow my girlfriend wants me to do some speed with her? I don’t know how to be good”.

I would go on to encourage the fact that we can’t be goon on our own; that’s WHY we need Christ in the first place. We can’t wait until we’re good to give our life to him; if we did that we’d never know him. And it’s ok to take things one day at a time. It’s ok to wake up in the morning and say, “TODAY I choose Christ…Father, help me” and not worry about tomorrow. We’re a fallen people, and we’re not going to get better overnight, but the Lord is faithful and sure, and he will finish the work he began in us.

It’s sad for me to know that there are people out there who have only heard a message of condemnation. They’ve been told over and over, “you’re a druggie, you’re a criminal, you don’t go to church, you’re a terrible person” but no one tells them of the hope there is in Christ; no one tells them about mercy. They don’t understand that all the “things Christians do” (ie going to church, not doing drugs, or not sleeping around) aren’t requirements for being loved by God, they are an outpouring of OUR love in RESPONSE to his love.

Let us not be that kind of church. Let us show our love for God by showing love to others; recognizing our depravity but also humbly rejoicing in the mercy given by the blood of Christ.

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Another video for you

This is the first week of tour. There will be another one soon I’m sure.

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A Little Boasting

I woke up with this burning desire to tell someone how much I enjoy my team. So if you’d allow me, I’d like to take this time to do a little boasting before we head off to Duluth this morning.

Coming into this year, I was certain the thing I was going to struggle with most was feeling like I wasn’t part of the team, because I’m mainly behind the soundboard instead of behind a microphone. Not that I need to be on stage, but I want to be part of the joy that comes from pouring out your heart through music, beside 7 other people, knowing that it’s a pleasing offering to the Lord.

But of course, as with most things, what I expected isn’t even close to what actually is. My desire to be part of the music (which I am able to do, just in different capacities than I’m used to) is so pale, and almost non-existent, compared to my excitement over what I’m actually doing.  All I can think  every time I stand behind the board is, “ I can’t believe this is my team!”. I’m humbled to think that I even know them; that I get to be part of their life for a whole year, doing this thing that we all love.  In the past month, I have been nothing but impressed with them and honored to stand beside them in ministry.

I wish you could stand where I stand and see what I see, because it’s beautiful. This team blows my mind. I’m having trouble finding the words to express my joy right now. But I wish you could feel what I feel when I look up and see one of our guitarists in the back corner of the stage, singing at the top of his lungs, “Oh praise the One who paid my debt, who raised this life up from the dead”. Or when I see the shyest person on our team go and strike up a conversation with 3 teenagers after a concert. Or when a teammate leads us in a time of devotion that is exactly what we all need to hear.  I wish you could join us when we drop the prayer bomb, (our newly penned term for everyone praying at once over one person) or even to just share a meal with us, because those are always full of entertainment. I wish you could feel the love these team members have for each other, and their genuine heart to know God more.

Bottom line, I’m overwhelmed with joy over this team and what the Lord has in store for us this year, and every day I’m humbled to be part of it.

Join with us as we continue to pray:
· For our contacts: that we would be a blessing to them and their ministry as they are to us.

· For CTI 14:21: That they would be safe in their travels, and see the Lord moving in and around them more every day.

· For our partners in Taiwan and Hong Kong: That the Lord would draw people to himself through the work they are doing, and that we (CTI) would be a vessel to under gird that in the coming month.

· For the Lord to be exalted and praised in all that we do or say.


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Dying to Live

I think I’ve always known I was making this choice, but I’ve never actually been specifically confronted with it.

I went to the clinic today at the University, and I knew it wasn’t going to be the best check up appointment I’ve ever had, because I haven’t been feeling that great…but it certainly turned out differently than I had anticipated. As we were looking at my lung function (which, by the way, isn’t the highest it’s ever been…by a long shot…but it isn’t dropping, it’s kinda just sitting there) the doctor stopped, put down whatever he was looking at and said very seriously, “Just so I have this right in my head, you do understand that the life you’re choosing is probably costing you your health?”

I was almost surprised at what came out of my mouth, it’s like I didn’t even think about it, it was just there and I said it without hesitation (though I did get a little teary-eyed I’m not gonna lie). “Yes, I understand that. I know what the consequences are. I just love my life. I LOVE what I’m doing and I don’t want anything else”.

The response to that I very much appreciated, he said, “Alright then, you know many people go through their entire life, never being passionate about anything…I guess it’s hard to put a price tag on something like that…”

Now, I don’t want anyone to freak out over this. I’m not dying or anything (I mean, I am but…we all are dying) I’m just not up to the bar where “normal” CF-patients are at my age. But what’s new right? When have I ever done anything that was normal? Haha.

Test me in this…and see if I will not…pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it” (Mal. 3:10)


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Mayan Laundary Basins

My Summer

If you received my last update, you know that I had the distinct honor of leading a team of 10 musicians to serve alongside Youth For Christ in Guatemala this summer. We spent the better part of 4 weeks sharing our lives and music with schools, churches, police academies, and anyone who passed by the plazas.


I am finishing up my internship in the recruiting department, here in the CTI office. I get to review applications and auditions, as well as help young people decide whether CTI is something the Lord is calling them to be part of. In April my internship will be complete and I will look for outside employment in order to provide for my future plans.

So what IS next?

To some this will come as a surprise, others it may not, but my hope is to serve on another year-long team with CTI. This is a ministry I have fallen completely in love, with and I believe the Lord has given me passions and abilities to serve well here.  So I will do so as long as I’m called and able.

Your partnership…Has always been such a blessing to me, and I thank my God that He has given people like you to be part of this journey with me. THANK YOU. The task before me now is to raise $12,000 in the next 12 months. Basically $1,000 a month. I realize that’s an intimidating number, but it is just a number, and the Lord has done much greater things for me than provide money, so…I’m not worried 😉

For those of you who have been supporting me financially for the past 2 or 3 years, I pray that you do not feel I have taken advantage of your generosity. Please know that I completely understand if you feel called to give elsewhere, or circumstances do not allow your continued support. I trust the Lord entirely, and I encourage you, with love, to give where HE leads.

That being said, if the majority of the people who receive this letter would pledge to give $10 a month for 12 months, there should be no problem getting the funds I need.

Once again, I am always overjoyed by the fact that you are all in my life. I hope that you are doing well and that you have been growing in your faith and Love of Christ.  Be blessed my friends!

Also…don’t be surprised if you receive this exact same blog (as a letter) in the mail.

If you would like to pledge a one-time or monthly gift please go here

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I’m Baaaaack!

Hiking Day, Guatemala

Hiking Day, Guatemala

It’s true, your dreams of my return have come to life. I am back safe and sound in Willmar, MN. I will probably be writing more on the update front later, but for now, please check out my pix:

Until next time.


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It’s official!

GuatemalaI’m leading a team to Guatemala this Summer!
I am super excited about this. I will have the pleasure of taking a CTI team over to Guatemala and partnering with YFC-G (Youth For Christ Guatemala) during their 25th Anniversary Celebration. Their goal is to reach over 10,000 youth in the 3-4 weeks that we’re there. I will have more information for you soon, but for now, here are some specific ways that you can be praying for me and my coming team:

Health-Though I don’t like to talk/think about this a lot my health is a big concern whenever I go on these adventures, so I really do covet your prayers over that. However, please also pray for ALL of my team members, that no one would get terribly sick and we would be able to serve Christ by serving YFCG in our full strength.

People-Be praying that the Lord would send us (CTI) people for this team. We have some but not all that we need. Pray that those he calls would be quick to listen and come with high expectations to see Him move this summer.

Finances- I know it’s a touchy subject (especially now) but whether we like it or not, there is still a need. Each person is asked to raise $4,350 to go on a summer team. Aside from that, CTI has a goal to raise $14,000 in order to facilitate the ministry of the 5 teams they will be sending abroad this summer. Teams to Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Serbia.

Our hearts-my constant prayer for myself and for my team is that we would have hearts that are sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit; hearts that are prone to a servant posture. I want to bring a team to Guatemala to SERVE the ministry already happening in Guatemala. We don’t go to other countries to BRING Christ…Christ is already there. We want to become part of what HE is already doing. We want to be used by Him; and to be worthy of the calling we have received. Please join me in that way of prayer.

I pray that the Lord has changed you in the time I have been gone. In good ways of course! I hope you are nearer to Him. I hope you are more in Love with Him. I hope you are more excited about what He will do next in your lives.

Until next time my friends,

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